Ahead of the Curve In Mobile Security Standards

We saw a video on the mobile security standards that are being developed by the National Institutes of Standards of Technology (NIST). Our mobile security software, Keeper® Password and Data Vault stays one step ahead of the standard and leads the way by having addressed the major issues that this government agency is just beginning to identifying as the most important elements of mobile security software in its key features.

Keeper Enterprise allows the administrative control of the content and data on an employee’s mobile device, meaning that access to the encrypted data stored and managed within Keeper can be remotely wiped when it is decided that the information needs to be restricted.

In addition to this infinitely valuable function for enterprise users is the flexibility of Keeper. Our developers work steadily throughout the year to not only improve the software, but to also make sure that it can be used by as many people as possible. Available in the widest platform base of any mobile security software, Keeper provides the benefit of a standard of mobile security that does not require regulating an organization to use the same mobile device.

Our application works consistently with 99% of the mobile devices and operating systems on the market, meaning that a company would not have to restrict mobile device usage but could allow their employees to use Keeper on whatever is available—while still retaining control of what is stored within it. This addresses the concern expressed within the aforementioned video regarding the statement that the “many and evolving platforms are a moving target for standards and practices”— Keeper itself evolves quickly and constantly so that you are always protected on all fronts.