Cybercriminals Target Investment Bank CEO

The eminent need for mobile device protection continues to grow. As we’ve pointed out several times in the recent past, we’ve entered a time in history in which mobile device security cannot be disregarded. Confidential company data that is analyzed and processed through devices that are susceptible to loss or theft holds immeasurable value. It’s not just competing companies that would like to access industry secrets held within your laptop, tablet or mobile phone, but state-supported hacking organizations and foreign cybercriminal rings that might find you and your information interesting if it were worth it to them.

Lloyd Blankfein, CEO and Chairman of Goldman Sachs found himself to be the victim of cybercriminal efforts recently, according to CNET.

Hackers released the personal information of Blankfein, “including the CEO’s age, recent addresses, details of litigation he has been involved in, as well as registration information for businesses, but no sensitive information such as financial data”.