The State of Mobile Security: 2012

The new year brings many of the same challenges that Callpod has long ago recognized in mobile device security. Security risks with corporate mobile devices continue to rise as the use of tablets in professional environments demand an increase in security measures. Experts recognize that the key to security within mobile devices lies in encryption–as secure as you make the information within your mobile device. If it is ever lost or stolen why take the risk of leaving any data vulnerable before you can institute a remote wipe of your smartphone, tablet or laptop if you can keep your information safe within the vault of encryption, accessible only to you? By backing up your data to the cloud with Keeper, your sensitive data–the keys to the most important facets of your life–will always be accessible, safeguarded as well as anything can be in this day and age.

Welcome to the future. We hope that you never learn the hard way why we’ve designed our software to protect you the way it does, from every angle of attack. Most likely you’ll have read the facts and prepared yourself and your mobile device for using your technology the way it was meant to be used, but with ultimate security.