Stay Secure This Spring with Keeper

Spring is upon us! Fun times with friends and family will be accumulating more and more as the days grow longer. We’ll be ditching the coats and bags and rely on our pockets and hands to hold onto our wallets and Smartphones. We all know how easy and natural it is to put down what’s in your hands to pick up and look at a piece of art for sale or grab a bottle of water or push open a door. Unfortunately some of us forget to pick back up our wallets and phones which nowadays means more than just a few crumpled bucks misplaced–it means access to all of our information that we use on our phones!

Don’t risk your valuable information such as bank and credit card accounts, personal and business emails, social media and anything that requires login credentials being accessed by a stranger. Use Keeper and all of that information is safe behind your Master Password. Keeper users military-grade security to keep your information safe and auto-launches your sites to make accessing your data convenient for you. It simplifies and secures your data, which can be a big responsibility to carry around in such a small phone. Keeper will make sure you are safe this spring!

Keeper works on all of your devices, so whether you’re taking your Tablet to the park, your Smartphone with you on a jog, your Tablet computer to a festival or your netbook to an outdoor cafe, Keeper will give you a piece of mind this spring. Go to to get Keeper now!

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