Beware of Flame!

The Flame virus that attacked Iran’s key oil company and caused massive data loss, could be a potential threat to other countries as well. The International Telecommunications Union will be issuing a warning about Flame and its dangerous abilities. The virus is known to have stolen sensitive information and audio recordings from top officials. Even worse, Flame is supposedly more powerful than the virus known as Stuxnet, a 2010 virus that attacked an Iranian nuclear plant.

In one of our earlier blog entries, we talked about the potential of the Cyber War and the effects that a dangerous virus could have on a nation. Whether the victim be an oil industry or a banking system, a virus powerful enough to attack any infrastructure that we need to survive, is terrifying. Some top officials believe Flame’s reputation is exaggerated and that we’re overreacting, but how important is knowing that these necessary infrastructures are secure?

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