LinkedIn Passwords Leaked, 6.5 Million Accounts Compromised

It seems that every day brings an unfortunate new breach of security. Yesterday LinkedIn was the victim and 6.5 million of its users passwords were compromised. In a blog post, LinkedIn Director Vicente Silveria stated that they are continuing to investigate the situation and provided steps for the account holders who were included in the hack. Members who had accounts that were compromised will receive an email with instructions on how to reset their password. But it wasn’t only LinkedIn that was victim today. The online dating site eHarmony reportedly had 1.5 million of its users’ passwords leaked. Even worse, eHarmony hack was possibly completed by the same suspect who hacked LinkedIn.

As each day passes and security breaches continue to happen, it proves to us that there is a security issue that needs to be addressed. The LinkedIn passwords that were stolen were easily deciphered which shows “lack of care for software security.” Software Engineers for companies should have a solution for security from the beginning. LinkedIn did hash the passwords, but the missing step was encryption. Encryption would have made it extremely difficult for hackers to analyze the file of all the passwords.

So what exactly happens to those 6.5 million passwords that were stolen? They were posted in an online forum based in Russia for any hacker who wishes to get their dangerous fingertips on.

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