How Much is Your Private Information Worth?

How much do you love and rely on your laptop? For many people, it’s a prized and invaluable possession. Now, imagine if your laptop was stolen. One minute it’s on the cafe table next to you and by the time you get your coffee, poof! It’s gone. If you’ve never been a victim of theft, you can imagine a very vulnerable and gut-wrenching feeling that something of value to you was taken, leaving you confused and astonished. It’s no secret that laptops hold irreplaceable private, personal and business information, and that we bookmark everything from credit card sites to bank accounts.

But beware! A study completed by Absolute determined that Chicago was the number one place for laptop theft with Houston and Detroit following close behind as second and third place cities. Where does your city rank? According to Absolute, contributing factors include lack of care by the owner, airport employees interested in resale, and large groups of people causing a distraction while the theft occurs. So if your stolen laptop is being sold to a third party, makes you wonder how much they receive for a laptop full of your private information, right?

While we can’t avoid all forms of theft, we can choose to protect our private information by using Keeper 5.0! Keeper is one of the world’s most downloaded password security and management applications. It is available for desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones and more. Keeper uses military-grade 128 AES security and all password hashes are supported with BCrypt. All of your private information is stored behind your Master Password. Plus, if you happen to become victim of theft, after five unsuccessful attempts at cracking your strong password, Keeper will erase all of your information. But don’t worry – your information can be backed up to the Cloud! You can also personalize your Keeper theme to make it feel like your own.

Get Keeper now because you know how much your information is worth! Download Keeper 5.0 here!