Finish 2012 Off Right with Keeper

If you’ve noticed by reading our blog entries, this year was marked with security breaches. LinkedIn, Yahoo, eHarmony, LastFM and many other sites all fell victim to hacking. User information was posted online for anyone to see, leaving customers feeling helpless and vulnerable. A security breach happens quickly, catching people, companies and corporations off guard with more work to do, apologies to be issued and the need for a new plan of action. To make matters worse, IBM released their observation made with their IBM X-Force 2012 Mid-Year Trend and Risk Report and it is not what we want to hear.

“Early in 2011, IBM X-Force declared it the year of the security breach. Enterprises both large and small were targeted. In 2012, the trend has continued…. At the mid-year point in 2012 we see an upward trend in overall vulnerabilities, with a possibility of an all-time high by year end.”

This is why you need Keeper! Keeper is a password security and management application for your phone, desktop, laptop, and tablet that will make sure your private information is safe, secure and easy to manage. Keeper has full 128-bit unbreakable AES ciphers with a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) transmission. You have encrypted local and Cloud storage with unlimited records. Keeper has a secure password generator and all that you have to keep track of is your one strong Master Password. Plus, you can sync all of your devices! Keeper is a must-have for the fourth quarter of 2012!

Don’t let yourself become another victim of data security! Get Keeper now!