Use Keeper To Protect You and Your Smartphone

Imagine everything on your Smartphone wiped clean in a matter of seconds? Unless your Smartphone was using Keeper’s Self-Destruct function (and your information was backed up to Keeper’s Cloud), the thought of your data vanishing is downright terrifying. But unfortunately, another newly discovered security flaw has been revealed. This security flaw will affect a large number of Android-based phones including the Samsung’s Galaxy S III. Certain web pages allow your phone to believe that a Special Service Number called an Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) code has been dialed into it, and will instantly wipe clean all data on your phone. Scary, right!?

There is no need for your data to disappear unless it ends up in the wrong hands and Keeper reacts to protect it! Two of Keeper’s best features are Self-Destruct and the encrypted Cloud Security Vault. After five incorrect login attempts, Keeper’s Self-Destruct function will remotely wipe clean your Keeper records to save you from unwanted hacking. Keeper also offers unlimited ability to backup those records to the Cloud Security Vault, so your information is always accessible from any device on your account.

Let yourself decide the fate of your valuable information by using Keeper, and knowing the Self-Destruct function and Keeper’s Cloud give you maximum control.

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