Two-Factor Authentication

Two-Factor Authentication

Did you get our latest email? A few days ago, our CEO and CTO sent out a message to all Keeper users updating them on the latest from us at Keeper Security. Darren and Craig wanted everyone up to speed on Groups, as well as the security upgrades we’ve made to the software.

If you didn’t catch our recent blog post about Groups, the brand new Keeper product, read it here. Then, check out the blog we posted about our upgrade to 256-bit encryption here.

But what about “two-factor authentication”?

Keeper is all about protection against identity theft. By safeguarding your records, we help prevent someone from ever gaining access to your bank account, credit card, email, etc. And that means that the most important thing is to keep anyone from ever gaining access to your most important account of all: your Keeper data vault.

That’s why we’ve added another (optional) layer of security to your account. In addition to a Master Password, you can choose to provide another proof of identity at login. To verify your physical device, you can choose from three methods: Text Message, Phone Call or Google Authenticator. By logging in with something you know (your password) and something physical that you have (your device), unauthorized access to your account becomes much, much more difficult. Multi-factor identification has become the standard in high security application access, which is why we’ve added it for you.

To turn on Two-Factor Authentication, login to the Keeper Web App and click on “Settings”.