10 Unique Holiday Gifts for the Security Geeks In Your Life


It’s the holiday season, and at Keeper that means our thoughts turn to security. Actually they turn to security every other time of the year, too, but now is when we think about what we could give that’s a little different. If you’re a Keeper customer, you already have password security covered. Here are some items that can enhance your digital and physical well-being in other ways.

1) Silent Pocket Faraday Cage Sleeves – ThinkGeek


Think your credit cards are secure and your phone is safe just because you carry both around in your pocket? Cyber thieves laugh at your confidence. They long ago figured out how to read the magnetic stripes on your credit card while it’s still in your wallet. They can read the new chip-enabled cards now, too, with about $350 worth of electronics.

Many accessories are available to protect yourself, but we chose Silent Pockets because they’re available in a variety of sizes to protect credit cards, mobile devices and tablets from wireless, cellular, GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, RFID, and NFC hackers. They’re kinda stylish, too. $12.99 – $219.99


2) Identity Theft Guard Stamp – DiscountRubberstamps.com


Shredders are expensive, noisy and messy. Plus, why would you want to shred a whole file of documents just to protect the Social Security number on page 3? These rubber stamps let you blot out sensitive information instead of shredding. They use a specially crafted pattern that makes it impossible to see the information printed underneath. They’re cheap, portable and kinda mesmerizing when you stare too long at the pattern. $12.99


3) SEM Model 0100 “Sledgehammer” Manual Hard Drive Crusher – Mono Machines


Satisfy your inner Hulk and keep your data safe at the same time. The Sledgehammer applies a “staggering 6,000 pounds of force to a conical punch causing catastrophic trauma to the hard drive chassis while destroying the internal platter.” We get the shivers just thinking about it. You can also use the Sledgehammer to remove inner metal hubs and springs on backup tapes prior to feeding them into a tape disintegrator, which is an item we’re definitely putting on our shopping list for next year. $1,038.00


4) Wallet Buckle – WalletBuckle.com


Carrying credit cards in a wallet shoved into your back pocket is both dangerous for your personal privacy and potentially bad for your health (seriously, it’s called Piriformis Syndrome). So two guys used an overfunded Kickstarter campaign to develop this idea, which that we think is flat-out brilliant. Seriously, any idiot can lift a wallet out of your back pocket, but stealing from your belt buckle? That involves familiarity. Plus big belt buckles make you look like a bad-ass. The buckles use a tapered design that can hold up to five cards without risk of falling out, the company says Dozens of designs are available ranging in price from $39.95 to $94.95.



5) Bobby Anti-theft Backpack – XDDesign


The developers of this innovative wearable raised £640,000 on a £20,000 ask, so we figure they’ve gotta be doing something right. And from looking at the feature list, we have to say they are. The design of this backpack cleverly hides the zippers against the wearer’s back, making it impossible for a thief even to find them, much less open them. It features a cut-proof, water-resistant material that also repels stains and spills. Three hidden pockets provide quick access to small items like credit cards and transit passes. Inside, the storage area is designed to accommodate a variety of high-tech gadgets. There’s even an external USB port for charging your smartphone on the go. The company says the design distributes weight optimally to make the backpack feel 20% lighter than conventional backpacks. $95


6) Cryptex USB Flash Drive – Amazon.com


Okay, okay, the last thing the world needs is another flash drive, right? Especially a paltry little 16GB one. But the Cryptex is so cool looking that you might want to shell out the 48 bucks just to show off your inner steampunk. Inspired by Leonardo da Vinci designs, The Cryptex packs a pretty good security punch, too. It comes with a five-digit combination preset to a number that the user can’t change. With its leather strap, it’s a stylish, if somewhat 15th-century, fashion accessory. $47.95


7) Winter-Style Touchscreen Gloves – Brookstone


If you’ve ever tried to use your smartphone or tablet while wearing gloves you know it’s, well, impossible. That’s because touchscreens use capacitive sensing, which requires the use of a conductive input mechanism. Skin is a conductor; wool is not. There are lots of gloves that you can use with your smart phone, but we like the Glider Gloves because of their excellent warmth and stylish look. The fingers are woven with a blend of nylon, acrylic, spandex and copper wire to give you excellent phone performance without the risk of frostbite. The company is based in Toronto, so they should know what they’re doing. $29.99


8) Burglar Blaster – BurglarBlaster.com


The problem with most home alarm systems is that they only tell you that your house is being burglarized after the burglar is inside. This gives you time to hide under the bed while your unwanted guest takes all your jewelry. How about an antitheft system that’s a little more…offensive? That’s the Burglar Blaster. Powered by eight C-cell batteries, it responds to an unwanted intruder by first sounding an alarm and then releasing four ounces of pepper spray at face level. The thief will then either flee the scene retching and screaming or come looking for the jerk who did this to him. Those are the risks you take. $595


9) I’m Here Because You Broke Something t-shirt – ThinkGeek.com


Tech support people are notoriously shy, so here’s a way they can express themselves with the media they favor – cotton. This t-shirt is the perfect holiday gift for the frontline security technician who’s had enough bozos for one week. $7.99


10)The Fortress Luxury Safe – Döttling


Billed as the finest luxury safe in the world, The Fortress carries a VdS/EN V security rating, which is said to be the highest standard offered by Europe’s VdS Schadenverhütung GmbH certification agency. It can be connected to a burglar alarm and comes with $1 million in insurance coverage. Only 10 are made for each security class. It’s controlled by eight watch winders, providing an infinitely adjustable number of rotations. And if that isn’t enough, you can set the direction of the rotation to left, right or oscillating. What really got our attention, though, is the integrated humidor drawer. $128,800

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