Keeper Customer Profile: Salvatore Porcillo


Cyber security becomes more important every day as hackers continue to target users for personal information that can be sold for a profit on the dark web. With more than 10 million consumers engaged with Keeper on a daily basis, we thought it would be a good idea to find out a bit more about our customers and share how Keeper helps simplify and protect their digital lives.

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When did you start using Keeper?
I believe at least 5 years ago, or more. I have communication with Keeper dating back to 12/2011.

How many passwords does Keeper store for you?
Based on a hard count, I have 474 different entries in Keeper in 13 folders. I should mention, I use Keeper for passwords, SS #’s, passport #’s, VIN #’s, etc. I like having these items at my “finger tips” if needed. I use Keeper for passwords and for securing other import information that I only have access to.

What kind of files (e.g. passport, credit card numbers, photos, license, etc.) do you store in Keeper’s encrypted vault?
All the previously noted, plus work related passwords, etc. My Folders are: Auto, Sports (for my kids’ activities), Electronics, Financial, Health/Life Insurance, Home, Legal, Online, Restaurants, School/College, Stores, Travel and Work. So basically anything that could be associated with the mentioned folders is included in Keeper.

What is one thing you would recommend to a new Keeper user?

I’ve sold family and friends on it, I’m a big fan. I say, it’s secure and if you do it right, you’ll have any and all information that you need available to you 24/7.

Why did you decide to start using a password manager?

I think it started out as a need to store passwords, but once I understood that I could use it for other important information, I got obsessive. I have OCD (self-diagnosed), so I just started loading it with all kinds of information. I should mentioned, I carried around a Franklin Covey Planner for years, with all my password information hand written in it. At some point I realized, that wasn’t a very good idea and I needed an alternative. That’s when I started to seek out an electronic version or App to keep this information.

What are some main benefits you get from utilizing Keeper?

I have everything I need at my fingertips when I need it, it’s secure, easily accessible, inexpensive to own and it’s in the cloud so I’ll always have it, it’s password protected and most of all it’s fun to use.


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