G2 Crowd Announces Keeper as the Leader in Best Password Management Software

G2 Crowd Announces Keeper as the Leader in Best Password Management Software

We are thrilled to announce that Keeper was chosen by G2 Crowd, the leading user-review-based enterprise software review website, as the leader in best password management software on the G2 Crowd Grid® for Password Management.

The scoring is calculated by a proprietary algorithm that factors in real-user satisfaction ratings from a number of results-related review questions. G2 Crowd software buyers can compare products according to their scores to streamline the buying process and quickly identity the products that produce the best results based on the experiences of their peers.

G2 Crowd’s mission is to provide the insights business professionals need to gain confidence in their buying decisions and become more successful in their jobs. Their review platform leverages more than 225,000 independent and authenticated user reviews read by nearly 900,000 buyers each month.

Keeper scored most “likely to recommend,” and received the highest score when it came to the question, “Which Password Management Software has the Best ROI?” Check out this link with the list of Password Management software products based on Results. https://www.g2crowd.com/categories/password-management/top/results

The G2 Crowd rated Keeper with 5 stars from 117 reviews. Keeper was the only password manager to be rated with 5 stars. You can read the reviews by clicking this link: https://www.g2crowd.com/products/keeper-716bcba8-054e-444f-8878-72372e3609e0/reviews

Thanks to the G2 Crowd for sharing their recommendations of Keeper! We are continually working to deliver you the latest and greatest tools to create and store unique, high-strength passwords in an encrypted, digital vault. You can find out what’s new with Keeper, including KeeperFill for Native Desktop Apps, Identity & Payment Info, Emergency Access, and Record History, by visiting our website: https://keepersecurity.com/whats-new.html

Not yet a customer? Download Keeper Password Manager and Digital Vault now.

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