Meet Keeper Version 11 – Our Best Update Ever!

Meet Keeper Version 11 – Our Best Update Ever!


We are excited to introduce our latest Keeper Password Manager version 11 with new powerful capabilities and features that improve ease-of-use. The update introduces Record History, Identity & Payments, KeeperFill for Native Desktop Apps, Automatic Password Importer, Emergency Access, and improved Browser Extension Autofill capabilities for your desktop.

Record History

Keeper now provides the ability to view and restore previous versions of your records at any time. This includes passwords, files and any other information stored in your vault. To access Record History, login to Keeper Desktop or the Web Vault and click on “Options” from the record detail screen.

Deleted records are now moved into the “Trash bin” where they can be recovered at any time, until the trash bin is emptied.

Identity & Payments

You can now securely scan and store identity, address, and credit card information in your vault to quickly auto-fill forms online. Keeper Desktop, Web Vault, iOS, and Android are now updated with this capability. Click on “Identity & Payments” from your desktop or mobile app menu to add and update your information. Once you have entered your identity and payment information, you can then autofill this information from any KeeperFill platform.

On Keeper Desktop and Web Vault:

On Mobile:

KeeperFill Browser Extension for Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge:

KeeperFill™ for Native Desktop Apps

KeeperFill for Apps is a powerful and easy-to-use autofill feature that makes signing into your favorite desktop applications a breeze across both Mac and Windows. To enable, click “More” from Keeper Desktop, go to “Settings” and select “KeeperFill.” Then define the hotkeys you would like to use to automatically fill your logins. 

Password Importer

Get started quickly with Keeper by using our Password Importer to collect all existing passwords stored in Chrome, IE, Edge and Firefox. Keeper automates the retrieval process and provides step-by-step instructions. Keeper also supports importing passwords from other password managers and formats. To access this feature, click on “Import” from Keeper Desktop.

Emergency Access

Ensuring access to online accounts and services in the event of an accident or death is an emerging digital problem. This new functionality grants access to an account for up to five trusted family members or friends in the event of an emergency. Access is granted after a specified wait period defined by the customer. To enable Emergency Access, click “Account” from Keeper Desktop and select “Account Emergency Access.”

Browser Extension Auto-Fill

Our Browser Extensions are a powerful time-saving tool when on the web using your Mac or PC. The Version 11 updates to our Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Safari extensions enable advanced prompting for autofill, login, submit, save, and changing passwords. Our new “hover” feature provides an elegant experience by only showing the Keeper lock indicators when the cursor is near the form field.

KeeperFill is completely customizable. Visit the “Settings” screen to enhance your user experience and control the auto fill and save behavior.


Ready to enhance your password manager experience? Existing Keeper Desktop version 10 users may auto-update to version 11. To download Keeper Desktop version 11 or Keeper browser extensions, click here.

For more information on any of these features, please contact Keeper Support.