“Backup and Restore” is Now Called “Version Control and Record History” and It’s Awesome!

“Backup and Restore” is Now Called “Version Control and Record History” and It’s Awesome!

At Keeper, we are always working to improve our product and user experience. Customer feedback and support tickets help drive many decisions on our product roadmap. We are obsessed with fulfilling unmet customer needs. When issuing updates to our apps, we create new features, fix any reported bugs and also reduce the complexity of our application at the same time. It’s awesome when we can add a feature while at the same time removing old or unnecessary functionality.

Over the years we have developed and launched various methods and tools for customers to backup and recover their stored vault information in case of a lost or damaged device. One of the first ways we offered this was through a cloud-based “Backup” and “Restore” function. By clicking “Backup”, a snapshot of your Keeper vault was created and then stored in the Keeper Cloud Security Vault. Customers would manually need to click “Backup” on their device. We later added the ability to automatically perform a backup at a set time interval. Restoring a specific backup file involved going through a sequence of steps and it would completely replace the user’s vault with the selected file.

We then added the capability to instantly sync any stored information between devices and computers via our Cloud Security Vault. We called it “Internet Sync”. Through the use of Internet Sync, we added the ability to “share” a Keeper record with another privileged user, as well as creating “Shared Folders” to share to an entire business team. Edit and re-share permissions, as well as many other role-based access controls, were added. We added the ability to store individual files and photos to a Keeper record. Files could be attached to a Keeper record and also shared to other privileged users.

Our “Internet Sync” feature quickly became the most seamless and secure solution for backing up and synchronizing data between devices. Signing into a new device or transferring your vault between an old device and new device was automatic and seamless, and this dramatically reduced the need for manually created cloud snapshots. Support issues were reduced and customers were very happy with the capability. Since we still needed a way to completely recover a vault for a user, we left Backup and Restore in place.

In 2016, we made a massive improvement to Internet Sync on our backend which automatically creates a new “version” of a record every time any change or deletion occurred. By performing versioning of the data, we further reduced the need for a user to perform a snapshot. Thereafter, we introduced a new user interface around Version History in our Keeper Web Vault and Desktop App which gives customers the ability to view and recover any version of any record in their vault. Again, this dramatically reduced the necessity to have a snapshot “Backup” and “Restore”.

Based on many customer support issues surrounding these legacy features, and the fact that the Keeper Cloud Security Vault maintains version history for a full year; these enhanced data retention features now replace the previous “Backup” and “Restore” features on our mobile and desktop applications.

You can access your version history by logging into the Keeper Web Vault or Keeper Desktop and clicking “Record History” under the “Options” menu of a record. It’s incredibly easy to view a previous record version, see what changed, and restore that version if necessary. We are currently in the process of releasing a user interface for “Version History” on our iOS and Android applications. When released, customers can access a full history of their records (including deleted records) and recover those records at any time from their mobile devices.

We trust you’ll enjoy the new Version History feature. If you have any questions, please contact us at support@keepersecurity.com.

Thank you,

Craig Lurey
CTO & Co-founder
Keeper Security, Inc.