How to Migrate from LastPass to Keeper

How to Migrate from LastPass to Keeper

Often, we’re asked about how to switch from LastPass to Keeper. Moving your records from LastPass to Keeper is easy and seamless. Your information stored in LastPass including passwords, folders, subfolders, notes and accounts easily migrates to Keeper while maintaining full, zero-knowledge security and 256-bit encryption.

The video below demonstrates how to move from LastPass to Keeper:

Step by Step Instructions

1. Login to and visit More Options > Advanced > Export
2. On the new tab, Edit > Select All followed by Edit > Copy
3. On Mac, Open TextEdit and switch to Plain Text mode
On PC, open Notepad or any other text editor
4. Edit > Paste the contents into the new file.
5. File > Save and save the text file to your Desktop
6. Login to Keeper from
7. Click on More > Import > LastPass
8. Drag and drop the file saved into the screen and finish the import

Other Import Tools

Keeper’s Import Tool seamlessly imports passwords that are stored in Chrome, Firefox, Edge and IE web browsers on your computer. From the Web Vault or Desktop App, click on More > Import then click Start Import.

Using the Import Tool, you’ll see that Keeper also supports importing data from other password managers including Dashlane, Keepass, 1Password and others.

If you have any questions, we’re here to help on live chat or email

Craig Lurey
CTO & Co-founder
Keeper Security Inc.