Keeper Updated Secure File Storage Plan for Business

Keeper Updated Secure File Storage Plan for Business

One of the distinctive features of Keeper Password Manager is Secure File Storage, but we find many customers aren’t aware of its availability. It is the most secure way to store files, client and vendor information, employee SSNs, bank account statements, payroll, etc. Business and personal users can purchase it as an add-on to the base subscription.

Keeper recently updated the Secure File Storage plan for Keeper Business and Enterprise. Businesses can choose from 100 GB, 1 TB and 10 TB of space based on their needs. The files, photos and videos kept in the Secure File Storage are protected using the same 256-bit AES encryption as the passwords.

People find secure file storage useful for both personal and business needs. J.C. Rausch, a video network engineer at Metro Systems keeps nearly 300 documents in Keeper Secure File Storage. “I store multiple documents in there ranging from car insurance and renters insurance to medical information and lab reports,” he told us. “I also keep important notes that I’ve written to myself. Even though I have backup on my PC, I use Keeper as an encrypted secondary backup.”

J.C. has been using Keeper for over 5 years on his desktop computer and iPhone. “I probably tried four or five different apps, and Keeper seemed to be the easiest and simplest to use. It’s never let me down,” he said.

He didn’t use secure file storage at first, opting instead for one of those internet file-sharing services. But as we’ve seen in recent headlines, even they are susceptible to hackers. “As far as I know, Keeper has never been hacked, and others have,” he said. J.C. still uses public file sharing services for non-sensitive documents, but “for anything I don’t want others to see, I use Secure File Storage,” he said. “I have so much space available that I plan on going through a lot of my documents and uploading them,” he added.

Happy Guadalupe doesn’t use secure file storage for documents, but he’s founded equally a useful application that relates to his job in team admin support at the Coca-Cola Company.

Happy (whose real name is Eduardo, but he’s been “Happy” as long as he can remember) first came across Keeper because he was looking for a way to get his passwords out of a paper notebook and into something more secure. “I was becoming afraid because that book had become my life,” he said. “Keeper came along and it was love at first sight.”

Keeper has particular value for Happy at work because Coca-Cola’s security settings don’t permit employees on the internal network to save passwords on any sites they visit. “Keeper is a blessing,” he said. “I call it my second brain.”

As an admin, he frequently makes travel reservations for others, and that’s where secure photo storage comes in handy. Experts will tell you that sending personally identifiable information in email is playing with fire, but in Happy’s field of work, he frequently needs to exchange credit card information with hotels and travel services. That’s why he files away photos of all his credit cards next to the card numbers in Keeper. When making a hotel reservation, “I can send the photo of the card without sending the number in text,” he said. “After I send it, I immediately delete the message.” So far, most vendors have been perfectly OK with that arrangement.

Keeper’s Secure File Storage is available for business and personal users. You can purchase as an add-on in the checkout page. Business users can also contact sales for a quote or add to your base plan. Keeper provides 3 Secure File Storage options for Keeper Business and Enterprise users: $125/year for 100 GB, $500/year for 1 TB and $2,000 for 10 TB. For Keeper Unlimited users, it starts from 10 GB for $9.99/year. For Keeper Family Plan users, 10 GB is included in the subscription and you can purchase more storage starting at $39.99/year for 50 GB.