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Welcome to the Keeper for Groups administrator console. Here, you can manage your users, devices and your account details. If you need assistance, please contact Keeper Support.


Add, remove and manage your group's users.


Monitor and manage the devices used by your group.

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Import Users

Quickly import a list of users into your Keeper Group.    
Simply drag and drop a tab-delimited or comma-separated text file using the following format:

Email, First Name, Last Name, Group(s)

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Keeper Enterprise Bridge
Seamlessly Integrates Into Microsoft Active Directory for adding users to your group in real time.
Download Enterprise Bridge
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Account Information
Role Admin
Total Number of Users
Number of Active Users
Number of Active Devices
Secure File Storage
Subscription Code
Date Purchased
Renewal Date
Two-Factor Authentication    


Standard text message and voice rates apply.

Master Password Complexity
Must be at least this length
Must have at least this number of characters (!@#$%^&*()_-+=;:,.?/)
Must have this many uppercase letters
Must have this many lowercase letters
Must have this many digits
Enforce the use of Two-Factor Authentication
Automatically run cloud backups for each user
Prevent record sharing outside of the Keeper Group
When this option is selected, users can only share records within their Keeper group. Sharing outside of the group is prevented.
Order Number Date Purchased Type Amount

Keeper supports RSA SecurID for businesses. Please ask your IT Admin to contact to learn more.