Use Apple’s Facial Recognition to Log into Keeper Password Manager

Use Apple’s Facial Recognition to Log into Keeper Password Manager

Keeper gives our iOS customers another reason to smile. Apple users can utilize the latest facial recognition feature to log into their Keeper Vault, much like they already can with Touch ID.

We have integrated with Apple’s latest feature to provide a secure and convenient way to authenticate your identity. Here are some answers to questions you may have when using facial recognition.

How does it work?

Facial recognition on the new iPhone X is intended as a safe, secure way of quickly unlocking the phone without even touching it. Keeper iPhone users first need to let the phone map a 3D image of their face to be stored as an identity factor. After it is stored users simply have to look into the screen of the phone to activate it. It’s as simple as saying “cheese.”

Is it safe?

The data of your facial features never leaves the phone. Apple states that it is stored in a secure part of the device and even Apple cannot see it. While your phone is turned on, it is constantly monitoring to see if anything strange is happening, say, someone is trying to trick the phone by using a photograph of you to unlock it. Since your facial features are mapped with 3D technology this trick wouldn’t work.

Apple does not recommend to use the feature if you are a twin or under the age of 13. Find out why here.

What if my face changes?

The feature also adds to its representation of your face over time. For example, if you start to wear glasses and then look at the phone to login it might not initially recognize you, but once you get into the phone with your password, it will add the image of you with the glasses on to identify you for future logins.

Do I still need my password?

Yes. In the case your phone doesn’t acknowledge your facial features you will still need your passcode to override the feature for login. Customers can always switch to using only a high-strength, memorized password if they prefer.

Applying Face ID gives Apple users a faster and smarter version of Touch ID. We are constantly working with new and innovative technology to provide you with a seamless Keeper experience.

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